Metallic-Brocade Altar Server's Vestments

Metallic-Brocade Altar Server's Vestments
Metallic-Brocade Altar Server's Vestments
Product Code: V0082 [ custom-made ]
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  • a set of vestments for alter server (altar boy), which is hand-tailored in the metallic-brocade fabric of your choice
  • an unlined sticharion (stikharion) decorated with a medium-sized cross on the back
  • a 4"-wide orarion with soft interlining, which is approx. 150"-long (finished length may vary slightly according to the person's height and body structure) and decorated with three small crosses
  • all crosses are made with galloon or machine-embroidered appliques
  • all items are trimmed with golden/silvery galloon and feature golden/silvery accents (buttons, fringe, etc)


  • a shorter orarion, approx. 125"-long (if worn with crossed ends in front)


Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.
Because there are variety of local styles and customer preferences regarding the size of the subdeaconate orarion and subdeaconate sticharion, please specify your preferable dimensions using the finished vestments diagram.
(Note: You are welcome to measure your current vestments that you are satisfied with. All finished clothing dimensions are optional and, if not provided, your sticharion and orarion will be completed in traditional style for the body measurements provided.)


To clean: dry-cleaning recommended; all embroidered appliques must be removed prior to cleaning.


This set of altar server's vestments consists of a sticharion and an orarion (orar). Because all garments are individually hand-tailored, small variations in design, color and pattern should be expected.

For services, the altar boy is vested in a sticharion with an orar tied around his waist, up over his shoulders (forming a cross in back), and with the ends crossed over, and tucked under the section around the waist. This distinguishes them from acolytes in those jurisdictions where acolytes are ordained and blessed to wear the orar, as the latter do not wear the orar crossed in front but simply hanging straight down.

Source: WikipediA

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