Hand-Painted Icon of Saint Gregory the Illuminator

Hand-Painted Icon of Saint Gregory the Illuminator
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  • a hand-painted tempera-on-wood reproduction of the original icon of Saint Gregory, the patron saint of Armenia 
  • available in three sizes: 6" x 7 7/8" (small), 7" x 9 4/9" (medium) and 7 7/8" x 11 4/5" (large)


Saint Gregory the Illuminator or Enlightener (previously known as Grigor Lusavorich, c. 239 - c. 330 CE) was the first bishop of the Armenian church, and he is widely credited with converting king Tiridates the Great to Christianity, formally establishing the Armenian Church, and spreading that religion throughout his country. Saint Gregory is the patron saint of Armenia. 

"By sharing in the ways of the Apostles,
you became a successor to their throne.
Through the practice of virtue, you found the way to divine contemplation,
O inspired one of God;
by teaching the word of truth without error,
you defended the Faith, even to the shedding of your blood.
Hieromartyr Gregory entreat Christ God to save our souls."
Troparion — Tone 4

Today, let us the faithful, praise with songs and hymns
the admirable hierarch Gregory as an initiate in the sacred mysteries.
He was a contender for the truth, a vigilant pastor and teacher,
a light for the whole world,
interceding with Christ that our souls may be saved!
Kontakion — Tone 2

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