Roman-Style Mantelletta

Roman-Style Mantelletta
Roman-Style Mantelletta Roman-Style Mantelletta Roman-Style Mantelletta Roman-Style Mantelletta Roman-Style Mantelletta
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  • a sleeveless, knee-length, vest-like unlined garment, hand-tailored in polyester in a color of your choice
  • a mantelletta, opened in front and fastened at the neck with a hook
  • a collar which fits round the collar of the cassock
  • two vertical slits instead of sleeves on the sides which permit the insertion of the arms
  • accents (lapels and trimming) in the color of your choice 


Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.


Wash at low temperatures, using weak detergents. DO NOT BLEACH.
Dry in an aired space and not exposed to direct sunlight (black dye fades).
Ironing: Use the temperature recommended for the fabric selected.


The colour for cardinals was ordinarily red, in penitential seasons and for times of mourning it was violet, on Gaudete and Laetare Sundays rose-colour; for the other dignitaries, the same distinctions being made, the colour was violet or black with a violet border. Cardinals and bishops belonging to orders which have a distinctive dress, also abbots who are entitled to wear the mantelletta, retain for it the colour of the habit of the order (gray for Franciscans, black for Dominicans, white for Cistercians, etc.). The vestment was made of silk only when it is worn by cardinals or by bishops or prelates belonging to the papal court. The mantelletta is a symbol of restricted jurisdiction, or of non-jurisdiction, or of high Prelacy. A Prelate, who possesses full "ordinary jurisdiction," does not, as a rule, wear this garment within the limits of his jurisdiction. 
Source: WikipediA

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