Roman-Style Cassock

Roman-Style Cassock
Roman-Style Cassock Roman-Style Cassock Roman-Style Cassock Roman-Style Cassock Roman-Style Cassock
Product Code: N0037 [ custom-made ]
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  • a Roman-style cassock, hand-tailored in polyester in your choice of color
  • lined torso in satin fabric in your choice of color
  • an inch collar tab opening at collar
  • a single-breasted front closure fastened down the center with numerous small buttons
  • inverted pleats on the side and center back
  • full pockets concealed in the side seams of the cassock
  • sleeves with deep cuffs and lightly padded shoulders
  • accents for cassock (fabric-covered buttons and cording) in your choice of color


  • fully-lined cassock in satin fabric in your choice of color


Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.


Wash at low temperatures, using weak detergents. DO NOT BLEACH.
Dry in an aired space and not exposed to direct sunlight (black dye fades).
Ironing: Use the temperature recommended for the fabric selected.


The cassock (or soutane) comes in a number of styles or cuts, though no particular symbolism attaches to these. A Roman cassock often has a series of buttons down the front – sometimes thirty-three (symbolic of the years of the life of Jesus). The ordinary Roman cassock worn by Catholic clerics (as distinct from that worn as choir dress) is black except in tropical countries, where because of the heat it is white and usually without shoulder cape (pellegrina). Coloured piping and buttons are added in accordance with rank: purple for chaplains of His Holiness; amaranth red for bishops, protonotaries apostolic and Honorary Prelates; and scarlet red for cardinals.
Source: WikipediA

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