Gold-Plated Liturgy Chalice Set Decorated with Enamel and Embossed Engravings

Gold-Plated Liturgy Chalice Set Decorated with Enamel and Embossed Engravings
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  • a gold-plated chalice set consists of a communion cup (chalice, potirion), a diskos (paten) with a starlet (asterisk, Gr. little stars, Sl. zvezditsa), a liturgical spoon and spear (lance, lonche)
  • approx. dimensions: 5 1/8"-wide and 10 5/8"-high chalice, also available in larger size (6"-wide and 11 3/7"-high)
  • decorated with enamel and embossed religious ornaments


HOLY CHALICE (Gr. Potirion; Sl. Vozduh, Communion Cup) - A large cup (preferably silver- or gold-plated), with a long-stemmed base, used for the Eucharist. It is one of the most sacred vessels of the church and is handled only by the clergy. Before the Liturgy, wine and water are poured into this sacred vessel, which are transformed into the Blood of Christ during the Liturgy.

DISKOS - A small, round plate on a stand. The bread is placed upon it for consecration, where it is transformed into the Body of Christ during the Liturgy. This vessel symbolizes both the manger and the tomb of the Saviour.
ASTERISK - A sacred vessel that has two arched metal bands held together in such a fashion as to form the shape of a cross. It is placed on the paten and serves to prevent the veil from touching the particles of the Eucharist. it symbolizes the star that appeared at the birth of Christ.
SPEAR - A small, lance-shaped, double-edged knife used by the priest for the cutting of the altar bread in the service of the Preparation of the Holy Gifts. It symbolizes the spear which wounded Christ upon the Cross.
SPOON - A sacred vessel used to administer Holy Communion.

Source: WikipediA & OrthodoxWiki
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