Brass Blessing Cross

Brass Blessing Cross
Brass Blessing Cross
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  • a hand blessing cross
  • contains a crucifix and bears the letters IHS symbolizing "Jesus the Savior of Humanity"
  • metal finish: brass
  • cross dimensions: 5 1/8" in width and 9 4/9" in length


The blessing cross is held by the priest in his hand and used at various points in the services delivering the homily or when offering blessings. It is venerated with a kiss by the people at the end of most services indicating the central place of Pascha (Easter) in Orthodoxy.

The hand cross is used in blessing and preaching and symbolizes the bishop's office of teaching and sanctifying his flock. It is an additional reminder of the life-giving Crucifixion of the Lord which brought salvation to the whole human race.
Source: WikipediA & OrthodoxWiki

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