Gold-Plated Censer with Enamel Ornaments

Gold-Plated Censer with Enamel Ornaments
Product Code: L0066 [ custom-made ]
Price: $199.95


  • a gold-plated censer (approx. 9 5/6" in height and 3 1/2" in diameter) used during liturgical ceremonies
  • adorned with enamel decorations 
  • an inside bowl made of brass is included (used to burn inside the charcoal and incense sand) 


Censer (Gr. Thymiato; Sl. Kadillo) is a metal vessel hung on chains, used in church ceremonies for burning incense. There are twelve small bells attached to the chains, representing the message of the twelve Apostles. The censer which is used for censing during the divine services is located in the sanctuary. Censing the Holy Altar and the icons expresses our respect and reverence for them. To cense the laity while they are praying expresses the desire that their prayer be heart-felt, truly reverent, and ascend to Heaven like the smoke of incense; and that the Grace of God might envelop them even as the smoke of the church.
Source: WikipediA & OrthodoxWiki

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