Velvet Veil for Crozier/Posoh (Sulok)

Velvet Veil for Crozier/Posoh (Sulok)
Velvet Veil for Crozier/Posoh (Sulok) Velvet Veil for Crozier/Posoh (Sulok)
Product Code: L0042 [ custom-made ]
Price: $69.95


  • an unlined sulok, hand-tailored in polyester velvet (in the color of your choice)
  • approx. dimensions: approx. 19 1/2” in length
  • a rectangular piece of fabric, partly sewn on the back, fastened with a drawstring/ribbon on the top
  • adorned with a cross (embroidered or made with galloon)
  • edged with golden-metallic fringe (at the bottom end)


  • decorated with embroidered ornaments
  • finished with galloon (at the bottom end)


Sulok, Surok (from the Russian dialect "sulog" - a small towel, rag) - a feature of Russian bishop's staffs - two scarves, nested one inside the other and tied to a staff at the top. Sulok appeared because of Russian frosts. The lower handkerchief protects from the cold staff, the upper one from the frosty air.
The analogue of the sulok among Catholics is liturgical gloves, which the serving bishop puts on during the service. They are made of silk and flare out towards the wrist and may be the color of the main vestment or white. Like the sulok, the gloves were designed to keep the bishop's hands warm during divine services in cold churches.

Source: WikipediA

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