Hand-Painted Icon of Old Testament Trinity

Hand-Painted Icon of Old Testament Trinity
Product Code: P1503 [ custom-made ]
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  • a hand-painted tempera-on-wood reproduction of the original icon
  • available in two sizes: 7 7/8" x 11 4/5" (large) and 11 4/5" x 15 3/4" (extra large)


"The Holy Trinity is an important subject of iconographic representation in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and has a rather different treatment from depictions in the Western Churches. There are two different types of Holy Trinity icons: the Old Testament Trinity and the New Testament Trinity (Троица Ветхозаветная and Троица Новозаветная in Russian).

Though this is not its traditional title, this icon is sometimes called "Old Testament Trinity" because of its relationship to Genesis 18:1-15. In Genesis 18:1-15 three individuals appear to Abraham at the Oak of Mamre. The interpretation that this appearance is related to the Trinity is a Christian interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures. Consequently, the title of "Old Testament Trinity" is interpreting the Genesis narrative as much as it is naming the icon. From certain Christian theological perspectives calling this icon "Old Testament Trinity" is a form of Supersessionism."
-- Source: WikopediA

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