Hand-Painted Icon of Saint Petka

Hand-Painted Icon of Saint Petka
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  • a hand-painted tempera-on-wood reproduction of the original icon
  • available in three sizes: 6" x 7 7/8" (small), 7" x 9 4/9" (medium) and 7 7/8" x 11 4/5" (large)


Our Venerable Mother Petka was born in the 11th century in the city of Epivat, which is between Silivria and Constantinople. Her parents were very religious and raised their children to be pious. After her parents died, St. Petka strictly devoted herself to the monastic life, and with fasting and prayer, she committed her life to God. After five years of fasting and prayer, she went to the Holy Land (Palestine) to live in the desert of Jordan.

"Thou didst choose a silent and solitary life / and follow Christ
thy Bridegroom. / Thou didst take His easy yoke in thy youth / and wast
armed with the sign of the Cross. / Thou didst contend against spiritual
enemies with fasting, tears and labors, O' glorious Petka. / Thou dost stand
before Christ with the wise virgins. / Pray for us that venerate thy memory, that
our souls be saved."
Troparion of Sv. Petka of Serbia (Tone 4), October 14th

"Let us all praise holy Petka / who intercedes for the afflicted. / She despised
earthly honors and received incorruption, / and God has given her
the grace of wonderworking. / O' holy Petka pray to Christ God for us."
Kontakion of Sv. Petka of Serbia (Tone 6)

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