Velvet Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and Coverlets)

Velvet Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and Coverlets)
Velvet Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and Coverlets) Velvet Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and Coverlets)
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  • a fully-lined kalimata set, hand-tailored in polyester velvet (in the color of your choice)
  • approx. dimensions (aer): 29” x 20 1/2”
  • approx. dimensions (coverlets): 17 2/3” x 17 2/3” (rectangle-shaped), 18 1/2” x 18 1/2” (round-shaped) or 19 2/3” x 19 2/3” (trapezoid-shaped or spear-shaped) 
  • adorned with crosses (embroidered or made with galloon)


  • trimmed with metallic-thread golden or silvery galloon (suitable for trapezoid-shaped and spear-shaped coverlets)
  • finished with fringe (suitable for trapezoid-shaped, rectangle-shaped and round-shaped coverlets)
  • coverlets in a shape of your selection (i.e. rectangle-shaped, round-shaped, trapezoid-shaped or spear-shaped)
  • adorned with machine embroidered ornaments


This set of chalice veils consists of three veils: one for the chalice, one for the diskos (paten), and a third one (the Aër) is used to cover both. The veils for the chalice and diskos are usually square with four lappets hanging down the sides, so that when the veil is laid out flat it will be shaped like a cross. The Aër is rectangular and usually larger than the chalice veil used in the West. The Aër also figures prominently in other liturgical respects.

The Aër (Greek: Ἀήρ, lit. the "air"; modern Greek: Αέρας; Slavonic: Воздýхъ, Vozdúkh) is the largest and outermost of the veils covering the Chalice and Diskos (paten) in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite. It is rectangular in shape and corresponds to the veil used to cover the chalice and paten in the Latin Rite, but is larger. It is often made of the same material and color as the vestments of the officiating priest and often has a fringe going all the way around its edge.

During Eucharistic celebrations, a veil is often used to cover the chalice and paten to prevent dust and flying insects from coming in contact with the bread and wine. Often made of rich material, the chalice veils have not only a practical purpose but are also intended to show honor to vessels used for the sacrament.
Source: WikipediA & OrthodoxWiki

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