Silk-Brocade Liturgical Belt (Zone)

Silk-Brocade Liturgical Belt (Zone)
Silk-Brocade Liturgical Belt (Zone) Silk-Brocade Liturgical Belt (Zone)
Product Code: V0330 [ custom-made ]
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  • a liturgical belt, which is hand-tailored in silk-brocade fabric of your choice
  • a zone with a soft interlining and lined in satin in the color of your choice
  • adorned with an applique  cross, which is machine-embroidered with golden-metallic/silvery-metallic threads and hand-decorated with beads
  • trimmed with golden/silvery galloon



Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.


Dry-cleaning recommended; the embroidered applique must be removed prior to cleaning.


The Zone (Greek: ζώνη, zonē) is a form of girdle or belt common in the ancient eastern Mediterranean.

In modern Greek and Church Slavonic the zone or (Поясъ, poyas - belt) is a liturgical belt worn as a vestment by priests and bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Churches and Eastern Catholic Churches. It is made of brocade with an embroidered or appliquéd cross in the center, with long ribbons at the ends for tying around the waist. It is worn over the sticharion and the epitrachelion and keeps them in place as the priest performs the Divine Liturgy. In this regard it is similar to the cincture of the Roman Catholic Church. The zone is not worn for services when the priest is not fully vested, e.g. vespers or matins.

Source: WikipediA

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