Armenian-Style Double-Breasted Cassock (Veragoor)

Armenian-Style Double-Breasted Cassock (Veragoor)
Armenian-Style Double-Breasted Cassock (Veragoor) Armenian-Style Double-Breasted Cassock (Veragoor) Armenian-Style Double-Breasted Cassock (Veragoor)
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  • a fully-lined cassock, hand-tailored in the face material of your choice
  • a double-breasted functional buttoned closure at the base of the collar (fastened by two buttons - one on each side)
  • a regular cut on the back (no pleats, no side-seam slits down close to the feet)
  • bell-shaped sleeves which are getting wider down at the wrists, tailored in a regular cut (no cuffs/buttons)
  • concealed left and right full pockets on the sides 


  • a 2"-wide tab opening at collar or no tab opening
  • cuffs in the girth/circumference of your choice: 16" (as depicted on the pictures) OR 18" OR 20" OR 24" OR 40" (also shown on a picture listed)
  • pre-washing for natural fabric (provides you with the option of washing the finished item in lieu of dry-cleaning)


This Armenian-style cassock (also known as Verargoo) is a long vestment of plain black material with wide sleeves, without a waistline, coming down to the ankles. Verargoo is the clerical garb worn by all ranks of the clergy and at all times. The top coat of the clerical habit, the verargoo has an open front and wide sleeves; the oldest styles were taken in at the waist and the two sides overlapped. At present they are taken in a little at the waist and are buttoned at the collar. This style was introduced from the Caucasus during the last fifty years. For celibates it must be black; it is common for all churchmen, from the acolytes to the calholicos. 
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Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.


Wash at low temperatures, using weak detergents. DO NOT BLEACH.
Dry in an aired space and not exposed to direct sunlight (black dye fades).
Ironing: Use the temperature recommended for the fabric selected.

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