Greek-Style Klobuk (Kalimafi & Veil)

Greek-Style Klobuk (Kalimafi & Veil)
Greek-Style Klobuk (Kalimafi & Veil) Greek-Style Klobuk (Kalimafi & Veil) Greek-Style Klobuk (Kalimafi & Veil) Greek-Style Klobuk (Kalimafi & Veil)
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  • a Greek-style kalimafi and semi-detachable veil, both hand-tailored in black or white fabric
  • a fully-lined kalimafi (for comfortable use)
  • kalimafi's height is approx. 4 1/3"
  • two lappets with satin accents in the color of your choice


  • an embroidered cross on the front


A klobuk is an item of clerical clothing worn by Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic monastics and bishops, especially in the Russian tradition. It is composed of a kamilavka (stiffened black headcovering, round and flat on the top) with an epanokamelavkion (laid over the kamilavka using elastic cord and allowed to hang freely) which completely covers the kamilavka and hangs down over the shoulders and back.

The klobuk is the headgear most often worn in church by professed monastics. During the services, there are specified times when monks are to remove the klobuk and lay it on their left shoulder to denote reverence for the sacred (for instance, when the Priest brings the Chalice out through the Holy Doors for the distribution of Holy Communion during the Divine Liturgy). Nuns do not normally remove the klobuk at any time during services.

The klobuk is often worn by bishops also. Diocesan bishops wear the simple monastic klobuk. Slavic Archbishops and Metropolitans usually wear a small jewelled cross on the front of their klobuk as a mark of their rank. Metropolitans wear a klobuk that is white rather than black.
Source: WikipediA


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