Serbian-Style Kalymauki

Serbian-Style Kalymauki
Product Code: N0203 [ custom-made ]
Price: $69.95


  • a Serbian-style headdress, which is hand-tailored in fabric in your choice of color
  • fully-lined in viscose lining in matching hue (for comfortable use)
  • dimensions: approx. 4" in height


Kalymauki or kamilafki. (Sl. kamilavka). The black cylindrical hat worn by Orthodox clergy. The black monastic veil (epanokalynafkon) worn by the celibate clergy at various services or ceremonies is attached to the kalymauki (see Epanokalymafkon). In the Serbian Orthodox Church clergy of all ranks wear a black kalimavkion which is flat at the top. Monastics wear a black veil over the kalimavkion during services. Bishops wear a black kalimavkion with a wide purple band at the bottom, and remove the veil when they are outside the church.
Source: Wikipedia


Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.

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