Armenian-Style Skophia

Armenian-Style Skophia
Armenian-Style Skophia Armenian-Style Skophia
Product Code: N0227 [ custom-made ]
Price: $89.95


  • an Armenian-style headdress, which is hand-tailored in fabric of your choice
  • fully-lined in the color of your choice and finished with a sweatband for comfortable use
  • a cylindrical base with a conical shaped brim joined together to form a firm substructure
  • dimensions: approx. 7 2/7" in height
  • tapered towards the cone tip and topped with a cloth-covered button


Armenian-style skouphia, a headgear that the celibate priest is awarded after the priest has taken his public vow. It's a black, tapered headgear (Armenian: Veghar or Weghar) and is awarded as a sign of priest's celibacy in a special ceremony. In Armenein it is also said that the Weghar symbolizes Ararat, a mountain in Armenia. The Armenian Patriarchate also lies on Ararat. The hat itself is cylindrical and tapered towards the top (with cone tip). Bishops wear it in purple. 


Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.

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