Gold-Plated Hanging Vigil Lamp with Enamel Ornaments

Gold-Plated Hanging Vigil Lamp with Enamel Ornaments
Product Code: C3065 [ available while supplies last ]
Price: $249.95


  • a gold-plated hanging vigil lamp (approx. 10 1/4" in length and 6" in diameter) used for illuminating your church worship space and icons in the church
  • adorned with enamel decorations on two levels 
  • a FREE votive glass (colors vary depending on availability in stock) matching the vigil lamp size


There are two basic types of vigil lamps: hanging and standing. Usually, vigil lamps are lit using oil, usually olive oil, as the fuel feeding a floating wick. The vessel holding the oil is a cup usually made of heat treated glass. Sometimes lamps that burn a wax, usually bee's wax, candle are used.

Vigil lamps are used extensively in churches and chapels. Hanging lamps are the most common, consisting of a wall mounted bracket with three chains attached to a holder that holds the glass bowl containing the oil. The metal ware is generally plated in silver or gold. The hanging lamp is hung from a bracket mounted over an icon so that the lamp is in front of the lower half of the icon.

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