Brass Standing Vigil Lamp

Brass Standing Vigil Lamp
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  • a brass standing vigil lamp (approx. 2" diameter of cup and 2 1/2" diameter of case, 3 3/4"-high) used for home devotion - it is ideal for illuminating your home worship space and small displays of icons
  • a FREE votive glass (colors vary depending on availability in stock) matching the vigil lamp size


There are two basic types of vigil lamps: hanging and standing. Usually vigil lamps are lit using oil, usually olive oil, as the fuel feeding a floating wick. The vessel holding the oil is a cup usually made of heat treated glass. Sometime lamps that burn a wax, usually bee's wax, candle are used.

Standing lamps are often used when an icon is hung low over a table or stand, Often a vigil lamp maybe mounted on top of a tube placed in the middle of a candle stand, that is before an icon, where the faithful can place individual bee's wax candles. In these cases the vigil lamp provides the source for the worshiper to light their candles.

Vigil lamps are often used by the faithful before icons in icon corners in their homes.

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