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Dimensions Chart
FINISHED Sticharion Dimensions:
Sleeve's width at wrist [ A to B ]:
Sleeve's width at shoulder [ C to D ] :
Sticharion width at chest [ D to E ] :
Sticharion width at bottom [ K to L ]:
Sleeve length [ M to N ] :
Sticharion length [ F to G ] :

FINISHED Orarion Dimensions:
Overall length [ see Instruction 3 below ]:
Width [ see Instruction 4 below ] :

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1. Please fill out the fields of the form in feet/ inches ('/ ") or centimeters (cm).
2. When taking these dimensions, please measure a well-fitting subdeaconate sticharion and orarion placed on a flat surface.
3. Orarion length: the orar is tied around his waist, up over shoulders (forming a cross in back), and with the ends crossed over, and tucked under the section around the waist. This distinguishes subdeacons from acolytes in those jurisdictions where acolytes are ordained and blessed to wear the orar, as the latter do not wear the orar crossed in front but simply hanging straight down..
4. Orarion width (standard): 4"

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