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The Liturgix Measurement Chart

How To Measure

• Do NOT measure the garments themselves but your body instead.

• Have your measurements taken by a professional tailor locally. However, do ask the professional to follow the Liturgix' Measurement Chart instructions. Do NOT take your measurements by yourself!

• When measuring, please take shoes off and put on the type of clothing usually worn under the garment(s) ordered.
For example, if an under-cassock is ordered, we need to know the measurements taken OVER the clerical shirt and trousers worn underneath.
For example, if a number of items are ordered, for example, an under-cassock and a cassock, as both items are completed together, our tailors will adjust the size of the cassock to be worn over the cassock. In this case, we expect you to provide your measurements taken over the clothing worn underneath the under-cassock.
For example, if a set of priestly vestments is ordered, please take your measurements over your under-cassock (or other clothing) worn underneath the sticharion and the phelonion.

• All measurements supposed to be taken OVER the clothing worn underneath.
For example, the way your waist girth is taken OVER the clothes worn underneath the new garment, your neck girth supposed to be taken same way (i.e. over your clerical shirt collar or over your under-cassock collar).
For example, if your new under-cassock is worn OVER a shirt with a collar, please provide your neck girth taken OVER the shirt's collar.
For example, if your new outer-cassock is worn OVER your under-cassock, please provide your neck girth taken OVER the under-cassock's collar.

• You are welcome to add any further specifications regarding the clothing size, such as (all of these are optional):
- standard-fitting or loose-fitting
- overall length level (cassock to the ankles, cassock to the shoe heels, shoulder cape to the elbows, etc) or specify the overall length in inches
- neck girth taken against the skin (in inches) or your dress shirt size (as marked on its label)
- any further comments and customer's preferences

• To assist our tailors in getting the right fit and cut for your new clothing, we encourage you to email us your recently taken personal photographs that enliven the measurements provided (i.e. your photographs give us a better idea of your body structure).


• Your clothing is always custom-tailored to your individual measurements.
• You are welcome to provide additional comments and requests along with your measurements submission, e.g. loose-fitting.
• For your convenience, all measurements are kept on file.

#1: Head Girth (measured at the level where your hat is worn)
#2: Shoulder length (measured from the collar line to the tip of the shoulder)
#3: Shoulder tip width (measured across the back)
#4: Chest girth (measured at the widest)
#5: Biceps girth (measured at the widest)
#6: From the base line of neck to the waist (measured from behind)
#7: From the waist line to the ground
#8: From the base line of neck to the ground (measured from the front)
#9: From the base line of neck to the ground (measured from behind)
#10: Neck girth (measured at Adam's apple line)
#11: Sleeve length (from the shoulder tip to the wrist)
#12: From the shoulder tip to the waist (measured across the back)
#13: Waist girth (measured at the widest)
#14: Wrist girth
#15: Overall height (measured without shoes)

Customer Message (Additional Comments and/or Requirements):

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