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Dimensions Chart
FINISHED Sticharion Dimensions:
Sleeve's width at wrist [ A to B ]:
Sleeve's width at shoulder [ C to D ] :
Sticharion width at chest [ D to E ] :
Sticharion width at bottom [ K to L ]:
Sleeve length [ M to N ] :
Sticharion length [ F to G ] :

FINISHED Orarion Dimensions:
Overall length [ see Instruction 3 below ]:
Width [ see Instruction 4 below ] :

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1. Please fill out the fields of the form in feet/ inches ('/ ") or centimeters (cm).
2. When taking these dimensions, please measure a well-fitting deaconate sticharion and orarion placed on a flat surface.
3. Orarion length: the two ends hang down, one in the front and one in the back, coming down almost to the hem of deaconate sticharion. If it is a single orarion, it is worn over the left shoulder with the front portion draped over left forearm.
If it is a double orarion, it is worn over the left shoulder, under the right arm, and passing again over the left shoulder.
4. Orarion width (standard): 4 3/4"

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